Their prices are reasonable and they are super trustworthy. Ezra, owner, will tell me when I don't need something.  -John C.

Love going here because they never sell me on things I don't need, and they are super fast!  -Em B.

Not only do they do excellent work, they are honest and have integrity.  -Amy M.

They aren't ones to sell you repairs you don't need. The prices are reasonable, too, generally, if a little erratic. For instance I had nearly the complete brake system replaced in my truck. (No, they did not upsell me on a new brake system -- I came to them and asked for it). Not just new brake pads, but new lines, new drums and rotors, new calipers. and they did it for an incredible low price. But then one other time what I thought was a minor repair surprised me on the high side.

But overall I have saved a lot of money with these guys and the quality of the work is good.  -Ken R.

They are honest and trustworthy and with very fair prices. Ezra, his son and his grandsons work there and do good work. My only complaint is that they aren't located closer to my house.  -Jeff M.

People who know cars and understand the cost of repairs will get them, people who don't will go to the dealer. Scott is a genius at diagnosing those unknown problems where you're absolutely sure it's gremlins under your hood! I only wish I lived closer.    -Missi L.

30 plus years ago and they're fantastic, the best in the business. I've been going to their shop since I was six or seven years old. My dad owned a company in Springfield and all his cars and trucks were serviced by CCC. I myself started driving 24 years ago and they've worked on, rebuilt, fixed and serviced every vehicle I've ever owned. I value their opinion so highly I actually call them before I buy each vehicle to make sure I don't need to wipe my feet after I get out of it. For those that don't understand, to make sure I'm not stepping into crap.

- Yelp Review

First, they won't fix what you don't need fixed. Next, they don't strap you high prices. They also know what they are talking about. My wife can go in and get the same answer I would. They aren't like other shops that have an "advisor" tell you what you need done. You are usually talking to the guy that is working on your car.

- Yelp Review

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