I take all of my business and personal vehicles to them. When I first started driving my dad told me how important it was to have someone you trust work on your car and since I found Capital Car Care I don't plan on going anywhere else.

At Capital Car Care we care about your vehicles, and want to always provide excellent service no matter what. That's why all of our team is ASE certified. What does that mean you might ask. ASE is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of veicle repair. ASE promotes excellence in automotive repair and service and now has over 300,000 automotive technician and service professionals. In addition to passing the ASE certified test, our technicians must have two years of on the ob training to qualify for the certification. So you can trust our automotive professionals to give you great and quality service everytime. 

Here at Capital Car Care we specialize on the maintenance and repair of all foreign and domestic vehicles. Our technicians are fully trained and can be trusted with any problem that you may face. We also offer hybrid service and maintenance, transmission repair, oil lubrication, alignment services and many more services to suite all of your automotive needs. You can depend on Capital Car Care 

How often should you get your transmission fluid changed?  The transmission industry's standard is 25,000 to 30,000 miles or every two years.  If you tow a trailer, 15,000 to 20,000 miles is recommended depending on the amount of towing. Motorhomes can vary with the amount that they are driven. The best thing that you can do is check the fluid regularly; notice the color, odor and level of the fluid. If you notice a change in the color, odor or level, have it checked by one of our trained technicians.

What type of fluid should you use? The suggested fluids differ from one manufacturer to another and you can check the owner's manual to ensure the correct transmission fluid is utilized per your specific auto or truck make and model.  However, here our technicians have a computer program that will insure the right fluid goes into your transmission. We offer a full line of transmission fluids to cover all the various demands of any car or truck.

I have used them almost 50 years. They are great. -Denny Owens

Absolutely THE BEST automotive shop in all of D/M/V. Best prices around, best mechanics, and honest. They wont repair things on your car that don't need it, just to get hike your bill up like dealerships and other repair shops do so often! They do the work that needs to be done, and let you know of any upcoming repairs that may need done, so that you are aware. This shop has maintained all my vehicles for the past 15+ years, and I will never go anywhere else. I drive over 50 miles one way to have Capital Car Care work on my vehicles. THANKS CAPITAL CAR CARE, YOU'RE THE BEST! -Belinda Christopher Donovan

Have brought my car here for years, and I trust these guys... totally. (And I had gotten the referral from someone else who had brought her car here for years) Even though my office has moved, I continue to come back here for service. For me, having a good mechanic is up there with having a good doctor and whether its just an oil change or serious repair, I'm using Ezra and Scott. - Roy B of Arlington VA

I think I found my new auto repair place in Springfield having just moved there. I spoke with Mr. Stern and he knew exactly what I needed with my Transmission problem. The service he gave me was fast and I went in before work. Also, I checked several places and knew exactly what type of service I was getting and he gave me the best price. This place was excellent, and I really liked the way they treated me!!! - John in Alexandria, YELP Review

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