I have used them almost 50 years. They are great. -Denny Owens

Absolutely THE BEST automotive shop in all of D/M/V. Best prices around, best mechanics, and honest. They wont repair things on your car that don't need it, just to get hike your bill up like dealerships and other repair shops do so often! They do the work that needs to be done, and let you know of any upcoming repairs that may need done, so that you are aware. This shop has maintained all my vehicles for the past 15+ years, and I will never go anywhere else. I drive over 50 miles one way to have Capital Car Care work on my vehicles. THANKS CAPITAL CAR CARE, YOU'RE THE BEST! -Belinda Christopher Donovan

Have brought my car here for years, and I trust these guys... totally. (And I had gotten the referral from someone else who had brought her car here for years) Even though my office has moved, I continue to come back here for service. For me, having a good mechanic is up there with having a good doctor and whether its just an oil change or serious repair, I'm using Ezra and Scott. - Roy B of Arlington VA

I think I found my new auto repair place in Springfield having just moved there. I spoke with Mr. Stern and he knew exactly what I needed with my Transmission problem. The service he gave me was fast and I went in before work. Also, I checked several places and knew exactly what type of service I was getting and he gave me the best price. This place was excellent, and I really liked the way they treated me!!! - John in Alexandria, YELP Review

Their prices are reasonable and they are super trustworthy. Ezra, owner, will tell me when I don't need something.  -John C.

Love going here because they never sell me on things I don't need, and they are super fast!  -Em B.

Not only do they do excellent work, they are honest and have integrity.  -Amy M.

They aren't ones to sell you repairs you don't need. The prices are reasonable, too, generally, if a little erratic. For instance I had nearly the complete brake system replaced in my truck. (No, they did not upsell me on a new brake system -- I came to them and asked for it). Not just new brake pads, but new lines, new drums and rotors, new calipers. and they did it for an incredible low price. But then one other time what I thought was a minor repair surprised me on the high side.

But overall I have saved a lot of money with these guys and the quality of the work is good.  -Ken R.

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